Copy avi file to CD

Hi, I am an extreme newbie to copying. My 1st attempt was to what I believed would be a simple attempt to copying an avi format movie to a CD then play it back on my DVD has failed miserably.

This is what my set up is.

internal Plexter CD burner
Roxio Creator classic burning software
CD-r media
Late model Panasonic DVD player which is supposed to play CD-r media

I’ve successfully burnt music files that play in portable software players so I know my burner and software is operating and working ok.

When I burn a CD with an AVI movie on it (finalized) my DVD player pops up a message “no play”

What am I doing wrong ? Do I need to use some special software ?

Thanks for any hints you can provide.

Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Sorry for my dumb question, but is it your standalone able to play divx contents?

Hi, tks for reply. I looked at the manual and it doesn’t make any reference to being able to play divx content

If not VCD and SVCD formats are still an option.

Answer to both (the dumb one to geno888, heh he. :bigsmile: )

BTW carl333, over at you’ll find both tools and easy guides how to solve your problem.


Yes! My DVD player manual refers that it will play SVCD format. Now what ?

Click on video help link and read. There are guides on making VCDs and the software needed.

then you answered to your question.

Your standalone can’t read avi files, but only SVCD (that is different from avi :wink: )

so I can’t convert avi files with software to a SVCD file format ?

To play on your standalone you must convert them in SVCD before to play.

To do this you can read some guide on videohelp as JayC30 suggested.

Try to search here