Copy avi,dvx,mpg?

can you and if so hoe do u copy avi,mpg or dvx movies files onto a dvd-r…i,ve copied them to cd-r no prbs but cd-r wont play on my dvd player only on my pc dvd player ???

You need a program like Nero to burn them in dvd format. You can’t just drag and drop a file onto it and expect it to work in a DVD player, it has to be written like a video not as data. My guess is you made a VCD or SVCD with a regular CD but your DVD player doesn’t support that or you burned it as data. That’s why it only played on your computer.

If you’d read around a little in our guides & tutorials forum for video editing I think you’d find out a lot…!

Some newer DVD players do play Mpg,avi,mp3,DVD-R,DVD-RW,CDR,CDRW DVDs,CDs plus more. My $69. Mintek DVD player (at Best Buy) plays all.