Copy and Read speed selection error

:frowning: I am using Windows ME with Clone CD 4. I also use Acer 16x10x40 CdRw. Clone CD allows me to set the read and write speeds in the profile and the log file confirms these settings, but while copying to Image file or burning from Image file the displayd speed tells me that i am doing it at a speed far over the selected. I normaly select 2X for burning but it burns at 4-6X speed. Any suggestions?

hmm, it seems that your burner doesn’t allow the speed, you selected, and simply ignores the CCD setting.
You could test (or better: simulate) the writing with Cdrwin or Nero. Try to lower the write-speed, and look if it works for you.
Maybe this prob only occurs with CloneCD.

well i am gonna agree with little-endian

but in most situations buring that slow is almost never nessesary :slight_smile: