Copy And Convert PAL DVD To NTSC


Could someone here tell me how to copy and convert a DVD
that’s in the PAL (region 2,3,4, etc…) format into NTSC?

I’ve tried removing the region code (2 for example) and the DVD
wouldn’t play in my Sony DVD Player (hooked up to my TV).

If anybody could find a way around this problem it would be those
great guys at Fengtao software. :bow:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Hi gtuerack,

I’ll try to provide some help here but sure there are others with more knowledge…

  • In alot of cases newer (standalone) DVD players and TV’s do support both formats anyway – so it may well be possible to play a PAL title in another country where the standard there is NTSC and vice versa.

Always woth checking as may save you some steps…

  • Otherwise I think you will need to i) rip the DVD title to you hard disk via DVDFab or other software and then ii) run another process to convert the ripped files to NTSC and finally iii) burn the converted files back to disc

I’m afarid it’s the part ii) I don’t know what to recomend but am pretty sure you cannot do this directly in DVDFab.

For the conversion part you will need to adjust certain parameters to take account of the format difference – certainly Frame Rate will be one but there could be others.

If you Google PAL to NTSC I’m sure this will show some results or you could try the following link -->

This is a really good resource…

Hope this helps for starters


SEARCH would have revealed similar questions/threads…

The easiest way I found is to buy a region free dvd player. Even
though I said this lots of times you can buy one from a web-site
called bargin offers they have a player for $ 49.00 dollars last I
checked. Then just use the newest version of dvdfab,and you will
be able to back up the copy using your dvd region free player to
your regular n.t.s.c. dvd recorder and your back up should be able
to play on a n.t.s.c. player with no problem.
Good Luck ZAP

try using nero vision or nero recode
Recode works from dvd and vision works from avi
both will remove pal to ntsc.

First I use a program like DVDFab to rip the DVD to my harddrive…creating files, not and ISO. Then I use a program called VOBblanker. When you get your list of titlesets right click the vts that has the movie, click video attributes from the popup menu, and change the radio button from pal to ntsc, just don’t change anything else. Process the movie, then use shrink or burn with your favorite software.