Copy an installation cd

ok, here is the dealio.
I borrowed a panasonic dvd camcorder, but forgot to get the installation cd so that i may interface it with my pc…

rather than driving to another city to get it, i thought i’d get my father in law to rip the cd, i guess to an iso, and then transfer it via ftp or something.

apparently the software bundled with the camcorder is Sonic MyDVD 4.0. what is the best way to rip it so that we may transfer it from his pc to my pc?

You are not allowed to do that - this cd/software is copyrighted and you are not allowed to copy it because you have not paid for it and also don’t own the hardware bundled with it.

End of the line.

my father in law will be copying it, he owns the camcorder and the software license.

The original owner may be legally able to make a backup of the software CD, depending on where he/she lives, but it might not be considered acceptable to give the copy to someone else to install on another PC.

Unfortunately, the inconvenience of travelling to pick up the original probably doesn’t justify breaking the licencing conditions.

Beef tell me again why your shareing this little adventure with us :confused: Are you asking for permission? :doh:

ps Sonic sucks. You don’t need it, you really don’t want it :disagree:
Last thing on my mind I would want to install.
Like 5 million other ways to chop out a mini dvd. Thats what that extra set of groves in a drive are for :eek:

sry, i’m a noob at this stuff. I never used one of these things before. I was under the impression that somehow panasonic had made it necessary to use this software.
what software would you recommend? I’d love to use something better!

also, I’m a little confused by your forums’ attention to the minutiae of beating copy protection, and yet some of the replys seem to be militant in application of copyright law. I understand the sensitivity of the subject and the dangers of aligning yourselves with piracy, but I posted the request thinking it was reasonably within the law. I paid for the damn thing…it was a gift to him…lol

I’m sorry if my post was a no-no. I’m new here.

Sorry for the harsh sounding words, it shouldn’t be militant or similar…

But the reality these days is with restrictive laws in case of anything related to copying and copies… :frowning:

I know that it is a “crux” with Pana and it’s camcorders - you cannot even find a frickn DRIVER for thei camcorders on the net. It’s a pain, a real pain.

Beef what model camera

No problem - it’s not easy for us either, and believe me things wouldn’t be strict in certain areas if they didn’t have to be. There’s a Music Download, Peer to Peer (P2P) & Legal Issues forum if you want to read around or just ask questions about why some things are allowed, yet others not.

If it’s really a DVD camcorder that uses +RW discs, then as bkf has alluded to, it is possible you can get the data off the disc directly to your PC via a DVD-ROM drive.

Well on the chance he reads this, sonic is nothing more then an editing program. I just looked at the panasonic web site and there are a ton of drivers, capture picture downloads, and streaming programs. every thing you need to get the movie / data off the disc. And there are a ton of free edit and burn programs out there if you want to get fancy

You can dl a tril of recording sw, but it is not Legal to use the software, if you search google you may be able to fin sw that is sharewhere or free thight might help you.

Exactly - and there’s always a 30-day free no-restriction trial of DVD-Movie Factory Disc Creator, which IIRC will allow direct on-disc editing of +VR content.

thanks all for your replys and suggestions.
got the driver and the lame software. will experiment with others though.
the cam uses dvd-ram and dvd-r. will need to see how my pc and standalone deal with these when i pop them in.

at least i can have some fun now!
later gang.

The camera likley has a usb or firewire connection. If you still got the camera just unload direct to the pc. Why would somebody build a camcorder and you can’t do anything with the discs :confused:

Except maybe Sony