Copy akira nr. 5



can anyone tell me how to copy akira nr 5


I copied Akira 4 and 5 without any problem. It was a straight forward disk to disk copy. You just have to use 80 minute cd’s.


Dukie… Can you give a little more info ie what program and settings you used…


I did nothing special to copy Akira 4 & 5. I used 80-minute cd’s and the HP 8200 burner. The software I used was the Adaptec EZ cd creator 3.5 and I used the copy to hard disk first option (may not be necessary) and left all the other settings on the defaults. I don’t use the EZ cd creator very often but I was using a friends machine to make the copies and that was the only burning program he had loaded. My burner is a HP 8100 and won’t do 80-minutes cd’s. I hope HP (Sony) comes out with a firmware update soon or I will have to buy a different brand of burner. As for my Akira “originals” that I copied from, the volume 4 was a silver with nice cd labels and a good quality artwork, cardboard disk case. The volume 5 set was in a cheap clear plastic multi disk case and the cd labels were nowhere near the quality of volume 4, but I think all the disks were silvers, not copies. I ordered Akira silvers from NBR Bytes
for $27 usd/volume including shipping to Canada. At that price it was hardly worth the trouble of making copies but I wanted a back up set kicking around in case a disk got damaged.