Copy a section of a dvd to my hard drive so it plays from my hard drive?

Sorry if I put this post in the wrong section. Please redirect me if necessary. I am using Windows XP Professional. I would like to copy (capture) sections of dvds to my hard drive from dvds playing on my internal dvd player, so I can play those captured sections from my hard drive, but I can’t figure out how to do it. (I can capture sections of VHS tapes that will play as .avi or .wmv files on my computer by using an analog attachment between my VCR and my computer and a program called VidoeStudio.) In order to capture sections of dvds to my hard drive, I tried using Nero but couldn’t figure out how Nero would capture sections of dvds to my hard drive that are playable from my hard drive. I then tried the screen capture program SnagIt. SnagIt will capture the video portion of sections from dvds to my hard drive but SnagIt does not seem to capture the audio portion of those sections.
How can I capture sections of dvds played on my internal dvd player so that the captured sections will be files on my hard drive that can be played from my hard drive?

Try with dvd shrink in reauthor mode.

Select titles you want and create a set of vob files on your HDD.

In this way, however, you will not have menus, because in reauthor mode shrink loose menus functionality

Thanks for your response. Pardon my naivete as a newbie to all of this, but how do I play .vob files from my hard drive?
Thanks again.

With a dvd software player for example like powerdvd or vlc and media player classic.