Copy a movie anydvd

Hello, I’m new and would like advice on copying a dvd movie.
The program that’s touted here the most to copy a movie is anydvd. Most programs that do this are illegal to own in many Countries. So I want to do this right. You buy with a credit card, have it emailed somewhere, then install it then update it from your Pc to your IP address over and over again.
It’s probably a dumb question, but doesn’t that leave a trail?

Thank you in advance

Don’t worry about it :disagree: :slight_smile:

In which country do you live that it’s illegal to own such a program?

You mean about your net connections for updating etc., then yes!

Thanks for the replys
bkf, sorry but I worry about things like that.
Grum, I live in the US.
rapid fire, yes that and the other two.


Jenny: I will respect your concerns. How ever you just left a big trail posting the very question of intent to a program for all to see. What im saying is if it is that much of a concern to you perhaps the internet is not in your best interest?

If you need the program just go buy it and don’t worry about somebody knocking at your door. Im sure there are 10’s of million of users of these types of programs here right now. The good news is nobody has been hung yet :iagree: Except for Ohio where you can still be shot for speeding :bigsmile:
Think about it. Respect Bk

So that why all the morons from Ohio drive in the fast lane slower that the speed limit once they get in Kentucky. :slight_smile:

AnyDVD is completely legal to purchase and own in the United States. :slight_smile:

…just not to use.

the US is amazing.

Not me man, once I hit the border it’s 80+ all the way to Paducha :bigsmile:
Im from NY we do 60 in the city :bigsmile:

Thank you for your advice and understanding! Along time ago I do remember 4 dead in Ohio CSNY, but not the speeding joke.
Gurm and reasonsnotrules are probably technically correct, just don’t have it installed on your Pc.
Thank you again.