Copy a good old floppy



I have to copy a 3.25" floppy, and it doesn't work. It is copyprotected!
Is there a program to copy such a disc?


r you kiddin us?

try to pull the switch on the floppy, so its unprotected…


no no no.
If i run the program, it want to write som files to the original disc. If it isn’t there, it gives an error.
There were a few hidden files on the disc too, but i copied them too of course (i also don’t believe it, i have some experience with cd protections, but thanx to this site i know how to handle them. But this, i don’t know)


I think you are out of luck.
In the good old days the protection used was by NOT having certain areas of the diskette formatted and the program did a track/sector access to find wanted files.
The only way this used to be able to be copied was with a seperate card that had control of the areas that were formatted.
Not only would this device lo longer be available but it worked under DOS and the possibilty of finding drivers for it to run under any other O/S is NIL.
The final problem you would face is the requirement to have UN-FORMATTED floppies for this, and they are just no longer available.
Forget any programs you might hear about, they will NOT work.


if you’re friendly with hex editing do this… first, make sure the program is in it’s uncompressed form by putting it through a program like UPX… then pull the exe up in a hex editor… since a call to the floppy drive is on interrupt 13 (CD 13), change all the occurrences of CD 13 (make sure that both bytes are present!) to EE EE, save it out, and then the program will never read/write to the floppy drive anymore… good ol’ dos cracking… =)