Copy a copy?

I have 1clickdvd copy5 how can i copy a an already burnt DVD ( a copy of a copy) ? ? ?

Easy: Method1) Just do a COPY ON THE FLY, in Exact Copy program mode either in Roxio(copy disc) or in Nero(copy DVD). It’s a risky thing if you don’t get it right you end up with a coaster. Follow copy the on the fly procedures and you would be fine. Please remember that the READER drive (source) must be on a higher speed than the WRITER drive(destination). Of course by the way you must have two drives to do it. Method 2) do it all again in Shrink and burn the image. Method3) If you still got the image of the original rip. Use Nero to burn it again. Hope that helps.

One thing is make sure the copy your going to copy doesn’t have any error when it burned to the copy before copying the copy. Make sure you burn speed is set a decent speed to reduce buffer underun problem resulting in bad copies. I haven’t used 1clickdvd copy5 so I can’t personally give adivce on how to go about that process. But I am fairly certain if you copy is error free and your burn speed is reduced you should produced a faily good copy of the copy.

With 1click just copy it just like you were copying an orignial, I wouldn’t try to copy on the fly because it uses up to much of your computers resources at once

when copying a copy Nero might try to expand the DVD, saying not enough room on disc, I personaly use Alcohol, works bril.

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I don’t use 1click so i guess you are right Jimbo. But with Copy on the fly, I used it all the time and had no problem with it as long as you follow the rules. With PC resources I disagree :disagree: as you are not staging the data to the HD but from source straight to the destination. buffer and ram is critical though. That’s why its imperative to read faster than you write because if the buffer runs out there’s a pause on writing and means doomsday coaster.:sad:

If all else fails, I use 1Click all of the time. I choose “Do not make exact copy”. This eliminates copying any errors that may be on the disc. Then use the same burner for the source and destination. It will copy to a temp forlder and the tray will open so you can switch to a blank disc. I have never has a bad copy this way. I use 1ClickCopy Pro, but the regular version worked the same way before I got Pro.

I always just put in the DVD and when the window pops up saying that there is a choice of exact copy, I always say no. That way it will not copy any errors that may be on the DVD that you are going to copy. I never ever copy anything on the fly. That never produces results that are as good as copying to the HDD first.