Copy A Copy

I just made a copy of The Fog using DVDFab_Express and I’m wondering if I can make a copy of a copy rather than using the orginal copy of The Fog ?
Will I lose out on the quality of the film ?


Why not, if you mean you’d lose picture quality of the movie then you shouldn’t worry about it you can only have problems if you’d maybe use low quality media.

It’s digital. The second copy will be identical to the first.

I just recently downloaded DVD Fab Regiion + CDD Free & when used with DVD Shrink, I no longer have a problem making a copy of a copy. Before I downloaded DVD Fab though and used DVD SHrink by itself, I had immense problems making a copy of a copy and I’d ofter have to reboot my computer because it screwed everything up.

It works great copying copies and does not require decrypting unless it was made with another program that did not remove all the protection. Using Express and be as simple as 1 click and changing a disc when prompted. Just make sure your source is a quality copy. There should be no problem with SL, but DL could present a problem since older versions of Express had problems with the layer break. I use Express to copy non encrypted discs because it is so simple.


didn’t your computer stop responding? if so, i have had the same problems.

When computer quits responding it is most likely a conflict between 2 programs or excessive use of memory. [Ctrl] [Alt] [Delete] will bring up task manager and identify program and allow you to see excessive memory or CPU spikes.


DVD Fab Region + CSS Free… did not solve this problem for you in any way, shape or form. No offense intended, but to think that this program magically fixed whatever other retrograde problem your system was encountering when attempting to copy an unprotected disc to another unprotected disc… is ludicrous.

once you have made a backup you can use your backup to make another backup because the copy protection has been taken out of the backup

Thanks For All The Replies