Copy a burnt Disk?

I still consider myself a dvd noob. I have copied several of my movies onto Ritek D01 8.5gb media using my ND-3520 and DVD decrypter. I have run several quality scans with the NEC drive and the burns appear to be horrible! If I copy the movies back on my HDD can I make better discs with better media or am I stuck with the PI and PIF errors?

On a second note, what are considered the best drives for doing quality scans?

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If you can copy the data back to your hard drive, then write them to good media, the quality should be fine. I would recommend Verbatim MKM001 or MKM003

Lite-On drives are good scanning drives

Which Lite-On Writers are the best for quality scanning disks written on Nec: 16H5S, 1635S, 1693S? Thanks

All of them are good enough.

Thanks a lot.