Copy a bootable DVD -> won't boot

Have a problem copying a bootable DVD.

I can make an ISO Image with nero and burn it to DVD again, but it won’t be recognized as bootable anymore. Anybody any suggestions?

I would suggest making a RAW image so the boot sector information is left intact.

when i use nero shouldn’t it make a raw image in the ‘copy dvd’ mode? (i tried it with image and directly on the fly) both won’t boot.

Does anybody know when CloneDVD will finally be out? i am looking several times at elby but nothing happens… wait that’s not right, they changed the text to ‘coming really soon now’ (they added really, what does this mean? really? ore really this year? or at all?). and there’s no given date (i hate to wait)

what about dvd-r and dvd+r, is there any hidden feature (restriction) that doesn’t allow bootable dvd’s? (just a dumb question, but i don’t know, just saw the ‘ring’ on the media and couldn’t figure out what it’s for, does anybody know about this?)