Copy 3 region 2 dvd's to 1 region 1 dvd?!



well, the subject says it all! i don’t do any dvd copying, i usually just buy the movie. but of course, my favorite movie (Until the End of the World) is region 2 and it is on 3 dvd’s! i already have it! i just want it to be either region free or region 1 and on 1 dvd!! i know this is possible!!! how?!!!
thank you,


You have to rip DVD to your HD and than combine it to one. There are some free rippers like DVD Shrink, but may not do new DVDs. There are one you purchase like AnyDVD. All rippers will make it region free.
Than you will have to compress the movie and join. For compression there is DVD Rebuilder or DVD Shrink and for joining you can use DVD Remake. Remake can be used also to get all unwanted material from DVD once on your HD so can Shrink.
But to do three DVDs onto one you will need to burn it on DL(double layer)DVD, and even than it will loose some quality, because you will have to compress it quite a bit.