Copy 2 full movies to one disc


I’ve searched this and other forums but to no avail. If this has been answered many times before feel free to just point me in the direction of the relevant thread(s).

I currently use ripit4me (and all the associated programs) to backup my dvd films, generally onto regular single layer discs.

I also own nero 7, but haven’t really used it as I don’t find it very user friendly. I prob’ just haven’t spent enought time playing.

What I want to do is a couple of things but firstly and mainly I want to back up two (or more) full dvds (menus special features etc) onto one dual layer disc.

It’d be good if I could add a very simple menu at the front end in order to choose the relevant movie. if there are other ways to do this I am open to that also.

Finally, and I’m not too bothered by doing this but, is it possible to backup a movie that currently spans too discs (eg LOTR) onto one DL and remove the break so it plays as one seamless film?

Sorry to ask so much - but there’s been a few things that have cropped up in the process of trying to find an answer to the orginal questions.

Use DVDReMake Pro Merge feature to retain full dvd functionalities of DVDs. Guide HERE. It has a simple disk selection menu for you to choose. You can customize your own menu with your favorite authoring software and replace it over the default disk selection menu.

In this case, don’t use the Merge feature, but copy the movie PGC from disc 2 and append it to the movie PGC of disc 1. Further discussions is HERE. Also check the Sticky List of Useful Topics.


Thanks for that. I’ll certainly look in to it. Although your first link appears to be broken, so would you be able to redirect me?

Not entirely sure what you meant in response to my second question but I’ll do a bit of research and get back to you.

The first link “DVDReMake Pro” is automatically done by cdfreaks bot. I did not provide that.

As for the second question, what I mean is you can append the second part of the movie from disc 2 to the end of disc 1 movie. Then change the Seamless flag to “yes” in the first program of the appended disc 2 PGC, this will make it seamless playback. There’s more for further “refinement” but I’ll let you do some more reading before I go into more details.