*Copy 2 Disc DVD to 1 Disc*

I Want copy Pearl Harbor(2 discs)to one DVD+R, with or without special features.

Any Suggestions?

Hey dj. Is the movie title itself split over 2 discs?

Yes :iagree:

Cool, I’m guessing split to avoid compression? If so just pull the files back to a VIDEO_TS on your HDD. Use this little number: Ifoedit. And create yourself some new ifo’s. Then you can run it through your favourite transcoding app. I’m not sure how this will go with menus and special features included. I do know through experience it will turn split or modified vobs into a DVD stuctured VIDEO_TS.

Thanks bro…will give it a shot.

Peace and Luv,

DJ Mind

http://www.videohelp.com has a tutorial on this. Uses DVDshrink reauthor. Worked great for me and Goodfellas.

I have finished my first trial run on this project, here are the results so far:

First: I ripped both of the discs with AnyDVD+CloneDVD set to DL size & preserved the menus, leaving out only one special feauture (the making of the movie.)

Next: I used DvdReMake Pro to merge the two discs (keeping menus), then exported the project to a folder on the HD, the size was 9.49gb.

Finally: I ran the resulting dvd files through CloneDVD set to DVD-5 size, preserving menus, quality at 41%, and now its ready to burn.

I have watched random chapters of the newly compiled DVD on my HD to preview it, all of the chapters work and it looks pretty good.