Cops caught for using pirated software

I just posted the article Cops caught for using pirated software.

A nice article at The Register about a UK’s police force who used illegal software!

The UK’s police forces are going to be audited see if they’re running pirated or unlicensed software. This is…

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There you see everybody are using illegal copies

I think the world is going to…

Wel I ran out of imagination :smiley:

There you see that everybody are using illegal copies! Even the police! :smiley:

I think that world is going to…

Well I ran out of imagination, but maybe someone else writes something clever!

something clever!:wink:

The world is going to oblivion…

hey, as if we didn’t know! i’ve bought and sold copied cds from police before! they don’t care!

I think copying is becomming a new sort of media in the future…

copsying !!!

its a new type of copy techniq

To Armageddon…

One time I was at the Glasgow Barrowlands (notorious market with lots of cd stalls) and I saw 2 police at a stall I was going to. On duty, in uniform with radios going. I thought they were there to close the place down, but no, they were handing over hard earned cash for some disks!

Office 97? They need to check the scene more often, office 2000 was released almost 2 years ago… :smiley:

…hehe yea Office 97 eh…if you’re gonna pirate, at least be up to date

Sniff Ow mann this shit is SW33T Sniff

Hehehe, i´ve sold about everything to cops, drugs, homemade booze, stolen hardware…they are just as greedy as the average joe, if you can make a buck, then do it:-)…so this is no surprise to me…

u talk bollox! pirating cds is a world apart from drugs etc!

Well 1, E-Buzz has a point. Durgs and Illegal software are usualy purchased at the same dealer (depends on how high you are in those circles). You probably just buy it form your friends, but making illegal discs is usualy done by criminal organisations… But who cares anyway?!?

we are family :slight_smile: