Coppermine PIII 866mhz chip



Intel has given word that they will be releasing their new Coppermine PIII 866mhz chip. This release should even out the playing field for Intel and AMD but AMD is
considering the idea of releasing their 900mhz chips about the same time as the PIII chips hence making another leap in the CPU business.

When the Slingblade come, better be gone :wink:


I recently heard that Intel is gonna release a 1,5 ghz proc.! but I don’t think it’s gonna be very soon cause they when you want to have over 600 (P3), you’ll have to wait a long, long time!
Amd is better at the moment!
AMD rules!!!


Well, it’s nice that Intel is planning all that, but they can’t even deliver 800mhz cpu’s let alone a 866mhz, they first have to get back in business in producing enough cpu’s