Cople of questions

i have a nec 3500ag and with the newest nero version i burn my dvd+r and verify em and when i try to read them its like the dvd is screwed up what can cause that cuz i burned normally before ?


another question whrtn the dvd burner is burning the drives buffer goes low at some times and i dunno why that happens can u goys help me pon that i need to do a back up urgent and this prob doesnt let me do it

I can answer your 2nd ?,that’s normal for the buffer to do that.It’s how NEC’s work.

oh u see that i didnt know i thought that had some problems cuz i saw that and then the dvds werent good

thanx for the answer

but i need help oin the first one tho so somebody please it would be much apretiated :bow:

should be asking in the nero forum