Coping titles without the menu

:confused: I think CloneDVD is the best coping software around. I would like to see CloneDVD allow you to copy titles of your choice to a DVD without any menu. Let say there are ten titles in a DVD 15 minutes long each. You only want to copy 5 of them on the DVD. You check the titles you wish and copy with CloneDVD. When you play the DVD only the first title will play and go back to the beginning even though all 5 tilles are burned on the copied DVD. If you copy the menu you can select any one of the 5 titles you wish to see. I like it to play all 5 in a row without a menu. If you use DVDShink you can do this. You can use re-author feature and select the five titles and when you play the DVD they play in a row number 1 to 5. Why can’t Clone DVD have a option to do the same? Please advise and many thanks, Robert

CloneDVD does this intentionally, because we haven’t found a foolproof way to specify the order in which the titles should be played.
But you can watch all titles: Simply select the desired title on the remote control of your player. (The title selection of your player software)

Thanks for your reply. Can you not just go by the selection of the titles.
In other words if you have ten titles and you select titles 1,2,3,4,and8 in that order by placeing a check mark in front of the list of titles, why can the software just play them back in that order? If CloneDVD can not do this how come ShinkDVD can? I just do not care for a menu. Thanks, Robert


Is it possible to select a few chapters of the main movie and burn it??


You can select a range of chapters, yes.

Of course CloneDVD could do this, but is this a good thing to do? Titles are played in the order you clicked them - what if you made a mistake? How to change the order?

I mean the chapters of which the main movie consist.
Title 1, the main movie, has 30 chapters but I can’t select these chapters separate.
There are also titles from 2 to 20 (each 1 chapter) but these are trailers etc…


Underneath the preview window is a scissors button - click it to enable chapter selection!!



Good Morning Olli: I do use the sizzers to cut the titles I do not want to copy. Problem is when I play back the DVD only the first title selected plays, even if all selected tiles are burned to the DVD. I can read the DVD and see the selected titles are there and I can play if I select any one with my video player. I have tried to burn at lease three DVD and all do the same. Playes only the first selected title. Either I am doing something wrong or CloneDVD will not do it this way. Note: If I copy the menu all selected titles will play. Now why do I want this? I copy The Three Stooges shorts and only place three of the shorts on a DVD. Each short is only 16 minutes. A menu just gets in the way. Really do not need a menu. I like it to be played like a VHS tape one after the other. I thank you for your help. Just wish to do it correctly. Roberson

If you copy more than one title without menu to the DVD, only ONE (the one marked in the CloneDVD title selection) will play. For the others, you must select them on the remote control of your DVD player.

But how can I skip chapters using the scissor feature? The orange bar is continous. I can’t select chapter 1 AND 5 but 1,2,3,4 and 5!


As I already said in this thread (which actually talks about different things at the same time, which is unfortunate): You can select a range of chapters. You can not select individual chapters.

Maybe in the future? :slight_smile:

I’m going to revive this one for just a second. Concerning the original question, I’m in complete agreement. This needs to be a feature in CloneDVD2… Menus are utterly pointless for TV episodes. You spend too much time navigating Title screens. I just want to watch the shows back to back… The resulting disk of 4 Stargate episodes on one disk with the menus taken out means it plays the first episode and then stops…

As for what Olli suggested on selecting them with your remote control, I don’t see how to do that. I just removed the Menu. Not possible. There’s not an interface anymore after removing the Menu. I hit the TITLE and DVD MENU button on my remote and it gives me the icon that indicates I’ve made an invalid selection. So… I made a coaster where only the first episode plays but there are still 3 others on the disk… I don’t know if maybe I’ve done something wrong on the burn or if it’s my 2/3 year old player thats the culprit… Towards the end of the first episode, I can hit the SKIP/INDEX button and it takes me to the second episode but thats the only way I can get there; just good timing…

That would be WAY cool if there was a tick box added sometime in the future that says “Play Titles in the order listed” or something… Maybe have it grayed out until you uncheck the “Preserve Menus” box… I don’t know. I’m just kinda bummed that I have to include that mess of crap on my DVD when I don’t want it… :wink:

Otherwise, CloneDVD is a sweet program…

I got your point… :wink: The problem with “Play Titles in the order listed” is “the order, they are listed”. The default is currently running time, with longest running time first (usually the main movie).
In case of tv episodes, this might not be the order you want the episodes to be played, right? There needs to be an easy way to set the play order for the user. I’m thinking about a nice solution.

However, in the meantime it should always be possible to select the title to play with your remote even without any menu present on the DVD. There should be a “Title” key or something like it. Even my cheap CyberHome player has this.
PC Player software (WinDVD, PowerDVD, ZoomPlayer, yes, even Windows Media Player) allow you to directly select titles as well.

Yea, I hear ya… I was just thinking outloud… :bigsmile: An option that says “Play titles in the order listed” would all but slap you in the face and remind you that you need to arrange them to your liking before proceeding… :stuck_out_tongue: You can only protect the end user so much, ya know?

Currently, I’m using CloneDVD2/AnyDVD to rip it to my hard drive. Then I bust open DVDShrink to author my own DVD and then I use Nero to burn the disk. Takes considerably longer but I get the desired effect. I’m still not getting any kind of a built in menu with my standalone tho. I know it’s capable of it. I see it with other burned DVD’s, just not with any I create. Not sure what’s up with that. It’s really annoying…

I’ll look forward to future versions of CloneDVD then if I understand you correctly… :wink: It’s pretty cool software regardless of that minor annoyance.