Coping dvd movie to ipod



my problem is what do i do after i convert my dvd to ipod? there are no instructions on the DVDFab guide, just 2 simple “touch of a button” but what do i do before, do i attach my ipod to my computer, ie… i mean how do i put the movie, that has been converted, to be put in my ipod??


I think you have to use iTunes.


when you are in iTunes, go to “File” and “add file to your library”, then just fine the file you want added, and if everything converted properly, when you sync your iPod it should work.


Aye, you can also drag and drop the converted movie into itunes.


ok i did use dvdfab to download the movie and it converted to mpeg for my ipod, and i did go to my itunes and went to file and copied to my library. BUT i can see the movie playing under my itunes but it shakes and when i transfer it on to my ipod it doesnt play the movie all it plays is the audio and a picture of the movie comes out but does not play the movie, what am i doing wrong that it does not seem that it is converting?


Try right click in itunes and select “Convert Selected for ipod/iphone” . Or try to convert it with dvdfab with the ipod.h264-5.5g settings. Check this thread too:


am going to try what you suggested …wish me luck…:slight_smile:


hmmmm using latest version and selecting the Ipod format on mine yields perfect copies. You shouldnt have to do anything…what movie/dvd is it?


thank you…Hivolt…it worked…now will the same settings be the same on my other ipod that i have a nano???