Coping downloaded movies



I use an HP notebook entertainment ctr that has a dvd burner and several dvd copy programs which work fine on my regular dvds that I own but I cant find a program that copies downloaded movies I always get whats called a bumper that keeps me from copying or playing.I have dvdFAB Platinum, AVS dvd copier,dvd fab gold. I have also tried dvd region+css free,dvdidle pro.All these work perfect on dvd’s that I can put in my dvd drive but non on downloaded movies to a folder,I’m open to all suggestions.


Mine is: leave that downloaded movies alone. :bigsmile:


i agree


Beware of downloaded movies! Some may not be real. Some are out there to track you down.
MPAA Caught Uploading Fake Torrents


If you’re downloading from a legal site like Amazon, those are designed to keep you from copying them. You might also find out that after awhile the movie may stop playing because of the DRM protection. In theory the idea is good but the restrictions on even legal downloads kills the chance i will ever do it. Here’s an interesting article on Amazon’s Unbox service. The thing that you should really take notice of is all of the restrictions on something you just paid for, if this is what you’re doing.


Plus the rules state we cannot provide assistance in coping non-legally able to be copied dvds - which most likely a downloaded DVD would be.


Thanks for the replys on downloaded movies, I’m learning (what I can legally copy and not copy) Now I know,Thanks much