Coping already copyied dvd's

Hello,I’m new to coping dvd’s and am useing DVD FAB Express to back up my dvd collection.I’am haveing a problem coping already copied dvd’s (useing dvd fab express).I would like to know if their is a way of coping the copied dvd with dvd fab express. Thank you for any info

Doesn’t give us much to go on…

First off, you shouldn’t have a problem copying copies with Express. However, this is probably overkill. Why use a decrypter when the copy of the movie is no longer “copy protected”? You can use a variety of burn applications, like nero. Whatever application came with your burner, should work just fine.

Like Tom said using Express on already backed up DVDs is overkill unless they were backed up with the protection code still on the DVD as some programs use to do. But to answer your question, yes you can copy copies with Express or Gold. The copy will be read as D:\DVD assuming your drive is “D” and either Express or Gold was used to make the copy.


what tom and mack said is true . if you want to make a backup of your backup theese programs will work just fine for that nero,ashampoo,blindwrite recordnow, and just do a disk copy