Coping a movie

I am using Anydvd and AVD Decrypter to check the dvd and DVD Shrink to copy it. I only have problems with Disney movies. I get failed to read file “E:” errors. Can anyone help?

Is your version of AnyDVD up to date?

Assuming you are using the latest version of AnyDVD to break encryption, it is still possible to have some problems compressing with DVDShrink on movies that have a lot of structural protection, as most Disney movies have.

For them you should use the built in ripper within AnyDVD to rip the movie from the disk to the hard drive. [B]Right[/B] click on the fox icon at the bottom right of your screen to access the ripper and click on [I]Rip Video DVD to Harddisk [/I]. Once you have it on the hard drive, open the files with DVDShrink to compress it if necessary.

[QUOTE=philamber;2575579]Is your version of AnyDVD up to date?[/QUOTE]

Yes it is.

If this is an older(ish) disc/flick why not try with HD Decrypter…Just for giggles that is…Sorry can’t help with AnyDVD…If it’s a newer(ish) flick then for giggles again I’d try DVDfab…Sorry can’t help with AnyDVD (again)…Guess you can tell which I use eh!..:wink:
Good luck!..:cool:

I would try Kerry56’s suggestion to do the rip with AnyDVD .
If that fails I would go with t0nee1’s suggestion for using DVDFab. If you haven’t already used the trial it should do all you need.
If both fail then you have a problem.
A friend & I ran into one DVD that could only be backed up with an old rpc1 drive . Fortunately he had one. Even trying both of the software above this movie was only copyable on this drive all others we had failed.

That worked. Thank you very much. I learned somrthing new today.