Copies some files, others it won't

Thank you very much for ALL of your help. I’ve already contacted my Credit Card Bank and I’m disputing the charge so hopefully that will get taken care of. I did e-mail the support team and even gave them that registration key I was given, I don’t mind paying again, but I would hate for that other company to get my money for nothing. Again, thanks, you’ve been very helpful. Greatly appreciated!

Karie, legit keys are real long and you have to slide the mouse to the right till screen quits getting wider. This key is made that way because of rip off sites. You might want to send fengtao a PM with information too. I know he is busy because he has a very young son and trying to get version 3.0 out, which will have more options. This is based on an earlier post by fengtao. We use to have a dvdidle form and a private hacker was paid to destroy the site. Also I have purchased other programs that were not as described using CLKBANK.COM which is just a processor like Element 5, and when contacted they refunded my money quickly because if they get a large numbers of charge backs the credit card companies raise the rate charge to them for transactions. If this number gets too large, the credit card companies quit working with them so they want to do everything they can to prevent charge backs.