Copies of SD 2.9 (Pirates o.t. Carribean/Jedi Academy) don't work with LiteON 52327S


Since my old LiteON 32125W can only do 1:1-copies up to SafeDisc 2.8, I bought a 52327S (fw. QS09) yesterday, because it is supposed to handle SD 2.9 and 3.1 easily.

I tried to make a (security-) copy of Pirates of the Carribean and Jedi Academy (both german version). I used CloneCD 4317, Blindwrite 457 and also Alcohol 1471005 (with Alcoholer SD2.9), but the copies are not accepted by the games (…jasp caused an error in…). The CD-RWs I used are Intenso CD-RW 700MB 4-10x and Verbatim CD-RW 650MB 16-24x. I made the images with LiteON LTD 166S respectively one time with the writer. EDIT: The 166S is used to install and run the games. All emulations and virtual drives are always deactivated. OS is Win98 SE. With the original CDs the games start an run fine.

I have no idea what’s the problem now (on the other hand SD2.8 and SR New4.x were always easy to copy for me), so I would be very grateful for some hints!

EDIT: Am I right that the ASUS CRW-5224A can always do working 1:1-backups of SD 2.9/3.1 and SR New4.x?


German version of the text above:

SK von SD 2.9 (Fluch d. Karibik/Jedi Academy) funzt nicht trotz LiteON 52327S

Da mein alter LiteON 32125W 1:1-Kopien nur bis SafeDisc 2.8 hinkriegt, bin ich gestern zu Saturn gestiefelt und habe mir den 52327S geholt, da dieser ja SD 2.9 bzw. 3.1 locker schaffen soll.

Ich habe dann versucht, mit dem neuen Brenner jeweils eine Sicherheitskopie von Fluch der Karibik und Jedi Academy zu erstellen. Ich habe CloneCD 4317, Blindwrite 457 sowie Alcohol 1471005 (mit Alcoholer SD2.9) benutzt, doch die SKn werden von den Spielen nicht akzeptiert (…jasp verursachte Fehler in…). Die benutzten Rohlinge sind Intenso CD-RW 700MB 4-10x bzw. Verbatim CD-RW 650MB 16-24x. Eingelesen habe ich mit LiteON LTD 166S bzw. auch einmal mit dem Brenner. Sämtliche Emulationen und virt. Laufwerke sind natürlich deaktiviert. OS ist Win98 SE.
Mit den Original-CDs starten die Spiele problemlos.

Ich bin jetzt mit meinem Latein am Ende (zumal sich SD2.8 sowie SR New4.x tadellos kopieren lassen), deshalb wäre ich sehr dankbar, wenn jemand einen Tipp für mich hat!


The LiteON 52327S has been reported as a “Hit or Miss” Drive with Safedisk 2.9 up…

Though not is all looking bad…Reports have been made that slowing both the read and write speed down a higher sucess rate of a good copy has been reached when not using emulation.

(Little rant coming…) But I ask the question why ? IMHO there is nothing wrong with a little bit of Autoplay. If its the difference between you copies working or not let it be. BW5 will still write the game to the best ability of your Cdwriter if its good its good, but if the image + Burn does not cut the mustard autoplay will step in to save the day…

Also what Drive are you testing installing/ playing the game in…


Did you burn the copy with autoplay enablet?
If not then try with it on, it should work then (try BW5)

You have two other threads with EXACTLY the same question in it. Please don’t crosspost. Once is enough.

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@ genjai

As I already wrote in my post, all emulations were disabled because I want true backups. That’s also why I buy a new CD-RW drive every few months :frowning: .

@ Womble

I’m sorry. But I have the SD2.9-problem with all of the three copy-programs and I need quick help so that I can return the evil LiteON if necessary.

well you can use discjuggler or alcohol that will give ya close to real copy. I personally use discjuggler at times cause i know for a fact that is no emulaton and I can put it in my cd rom. I have a memorex drive which is rebuilt lite on drive and it cuts threw protections no problem sd 2.9 and sd 3.1 and no emulation.



i think the arguement against using emulation (ie autoplay) is that persons dont want to be dependant on a particular program for thier backup…ie if the autoplay emulation becomes blacklisted somehow in the future through a patch then thier backups will stop working. it is a valid arguement but i dont see a easy way around the issue as alot of writers just arnt capable of creating 1:1 backups and even the ones that are the backups dont work on every cd drive out there. And if you have the originals as you should then if it does become blacklisted your just going to have to reback it up so for me i just use emulation.

the good thing with autoplay is that you arent software dependent if you have a drive that supports the protection, it will be as close to 1:1 as the drive can + autoplay (1:1 + autoplay)
the protection will still exist on the disc as good as your drive burned it
and with autoplay you wont have to buy a new drive every few months :slight_smile: , autoplay is avaliable for free so you can install it on every computer that you install the game on

yes as long as some protection doesnt scan the disk for the autoplay signiture and blacklist it we will be ok…:stuck_out_tongue:

scanning for the autoplay tag would be very simple to implant in an update of a game (just as blacklisting alcohol, ccd or deamon-tools) but till now nobody has done it
guess why :wink:

Do you have ‘hide media type’ enabled?

Me? No, because the backups have to run in my DVD drive only.

After a night shift and whole day of testing out my brand new F****** LiteON, I’m going to buy the ASUS 5224.

But nevertheless thanks for your answers.

If you want your ASUS 52x to work properly, remember to downgrade the firmware to 1.1, at least :wink:

Thx, I already downloaded the 1.1 fw from the ASUS website… :wink: