Copies fading out and jamming

I have the latest version of AnyDVD - I am new to all this but have managed to copy DVD’s but on playback on DVD player my copies are breaking up into little coloured squares, and then sometimes jamming about 70% of the way through. Any ideas on a solution?

What version of AnyDVD are you using? You said the latest, but that could mean anything. Does the rip play alright from your hard drive?

Also, what media are you using to burn onto (what brand of DVD, is it plus or minus)

HI I am using AnyDVD, downlaoded this latest version yesterday. When the process is running through CloneDVD all seems ok. I must admit that I have not tryed playing back through my computer, so I will test that and let you know. Brand is
’ Tesco ’ and is -R

Just try to view the ripped files on the computer. Read the Golden Rules of Burning tutorial.

Hi, I have tested the DVD’s on the computer that was used for copying and it just plays back to the point where it would break up on the TV/DVD player, at this point the play back on the computer just blacks out and stops. I have also tested on another computer and the strange thing is that on the other computer is actually stops and blacks out a whole chapter sooner !!! I have also had similar problems with another brand which was ’ Nashua ’ I hope that someone can help me over come this problem. Thanks.

Media. That’s the problem. Tesco :Z

Try Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden & burn at the rated speed.

What burner have you got & what is the firmware version as a firmware upgrade might be in order.

You can be pretty sure that this is nothing to do with AnyDVD.

Thanks, I am going to get the suggested brand/s and I will adjust the speed ( I did not realise that this would make a difference) I will try again. I am using CloneDVD2 version (plus I will read the help manual fully). I will let you know how I get on. Once again thanks to all for putting up with a complete novice.

Hi, just an update, I have changed media, plus I bought the computer from a friend a few months ago and it had ClonDVD2 installed so I purchased AnyDVD, I have since realised that the CloneDVD2 was a very old version so I have now updated this as well and now all is working realy good. Thanks for the advice.

If CloneDVd was installed in the computer before you buy it. Did you friend tell something about the software, I mean he bought it?