Copier & player


i’ve gotta buy a video player that plays burnt dvd’s. i don’t have any idea what to get, anybody have any suggestions? the cheaper the better. i thought apex was pretty good, but if i go to the store what should i look for?

also, what’s a good copier to copy my movies? i’ve got nero 7 ultra , but it takes FOREVER to copy a disk!!!

i sure would appreciate some help on this, i’m totally in the dark. there has GOT to be a faster program to copy movies with than what i have.

thanks a bunch

For a player, simply choose whichever has the features that you want and that is in your price range. All new players should play all disc formats. But there is no guarantee that whichever player you buy will play your current discs. It will depend on the quality of the media that you used. If you used quality media (Verbatim or Taio Yuden), then you shouldn’t have any problems with any current player.

Use DVDFab HD Decrypter to RIP your discs. If you want to alter the output, then open the files in DVDShrink. Then burn the files using ImgBurn.