Copieng/ripping disney dvds

Hi all i found a way to copy/rip disney dvds

you need to download DVDRegionFree59 and register it it cracks the css protection that Disney uses on there dvds, i use DVDX2.3 to rip my dvds to avi’s but you can use DVDRegionFree59 with any dvd copy/rip software it works try it out

Any Q
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That’s some great news! Now we can all watch Alice in Wonderland on a divx player!


thats great anit

hmmmm this must be a joke or have you really never heared and tried AnyDVD, DVD43, DVDFabdecrypter…

…with these tools you are able to copy each protected movie and not only the Disney ones ;):stuck_out_tongue:

i have all the software you mention but can you honostly say that you have ever ripped a dvd instead of just copieng it form disk to disk? Try and rip a disney dvd to 750 md at dvd quality.i have found one program that can do this its DVDX 2.3 unfortunalty i couldnt rip any dvds with css protection but now i can copy all even those with the best encryption tech.


Why would you want to compress a movie to that size? DVD’s are about as cheap as cdr’s now.

Some Of Use Use Our Pc To Watch The Movies And We Donnt Like To Sit With A Thousan Cd So We Use Hdd Space To Save Our Stuff.well I Suppose I Could Just Make Iso’s Ive Got 1.6tb Hdd Space Avail.