Copied to HD. player to play file from HD?

newb here. thanks for reading.

used dvd decrypter to copy DVD to backup to HD.

worked fine except playback just gives audio and the video portion is fuzzy/scrambled looking.

tried to use
ATI dvd 7.8 which came with ati 9500 pro.
real player
windows media player

any help in telling me if using wrong type of software player?
many thanks…

try power-dvd from cyberlink…
i would recommend the version 4, not the actual 5 because 5 is too hardware-dependand, but give it a try…

Hi there and welcome aboard!

Just a quick question (couldn’t extract the info from your post): does a standalone player play the burned DVDs without any problems?

Dee -ehn :
Thanks for the welcome. U have total newb here. Havent got a DVD burner yet - so havent tried on standalone dvd player. Looking at the Pioneer a06 currently.

Tried copy to HD via DVD Decrypter and DVDShrink, both seem to work fine making files on the HD. but when try to open iso files (just by double click in explorer) you can hear audio, but get garbled image. I am sure this is wrong way to open.

My ATI DVD player software could not locate the DVD movie.
I tried a free ware program to emulate a DVD drive from Mr. Basses info. BUT after loading it woudnt let me boot up (using XP here). Had to start in safe mode and restore to earlier date.

Wanted to make sure I could figure this all out before I buy a DVD burner and install.

Thanks for help.