Copied to a Dual-layer disc but fails at layer change!



I hope I am in the correct location to ask for help re my problem?? I have a zone 0 disc of James Last “Live in London 1978” which I had tried to back up to a DVD 5 with DVD Shrink but it was 300MB over size for that to happen. So I purchased a TDK +R Double Layer blank(first time I have tried burning Dual-Layer). The process I used was to copy the DVD to my hard drive by using DVD Decrypter (I also have AnyDVD running) using the setting ISO read which seemed to work fine! Then changed to ISO Write with the destination being my LG GSA-4167B burner which has the latest firmware installed. After 41 minutes of burning I had a finished copy! This copy played perfectily up till the layer change at 62 mins, at this point everything turned pear shape instead of a layer change happening the disc was ejected!! What have I done wrong?? any help will be greatly appreciated as I am getting old and the brain no longer fuctions as it should.
Malcolm from the Top End of Down_under. :frowning:


Resize with DVDShrink again, only burn to DL if you have Verbatim DL media and ImgBurn.


All I can think to do is try copying with dvd decryptor and burn with imgburn. Imgburn is written by the same person as dvd decryptor and is designed to work with it. Unfortunatlly error spikes around the layer break seem to be a problem with dual layer media and some drives. I even get them with verbatim but they are not very bad. I’m guessing you got a bad error spike that it cannot read past. Verbatim dl is the best and offers your best chances. Trying a diffrent firmware might be worth a shot too (if you already have more of the same media and cannot return it). The newest firmware isn’t always the best for a particular disk. You might also want to see if there is any modified firmware for your drive that might help.


In addition to what been said by chef and rpit, I would like to add the importance of propper layer break point.

Use ImgBurn built-in function or PgcEdit to make sure you get layer break at/with right sector size (always with multiple of 16 [32KB]).
Check this and this posts from ImgBurn forum.


Im planning on getting a dl disk today, should I get + or -? also does clone dvd 2 automatically make the layer break point?


Get a + as you can then set its’ booktype to -ROM. The -DL haven’t been around that long. Make sure you go for Verbatim as they are the best avaialble here in the UK at the moment.


Thank you for your prompt reply, I know about the resizing but the problem is this disc does not have any extras etc to remove? it only has two main audio channels being PCM 2.0 & AC3 5.1, and I would like to retain both if possible. I failed to mention previously the whole program has copied! as if I reinsert the disc I can get to the second layer by manually choosing the next scene with the remote and the DVD plays to the end with no problems! I only loose a three minute scene at the layer change point.


I have just tried the burn again using the same media!! but this time copying with DVD Decrypter and burning with imgburn version but with the same result?? I have just downloader the latest version of imgburn which is I will give it a try?? if that does not work it looks like I have to go and purchase some Verbatim media.


ImgBurn and Verbatim DL media and you can’t go wrong.


Followed your instructions using a Verbatim DVD-R DL! This copy was not recognised by my Pioneer DV-535 unit but played perfectly in my real cheap XMS unit?? When I started the burn I tried to use Imgburn Version 1.2.0 but it came back with an error message about not being able to do a layer change with a -R DL disc mentioning something about DAO!! so I had to revert to Version 1.0.0. Can you please explain to me what is going on and what type of blanks should I use when making DVD backups +R, +R DL or -R, -R DL. This exercise has cost me more than the purchase price of the DVD I am trying to backup, but who is counting I just want to learn this black magic!! Also I forgot to state that this DVD is a NTSC zone free with no CSS protection?? well that is what AnyDVD tells me. With this info is there another way I could have approached this task!!?? Thanking you in advance for putting up with me.


Next i’d recommend to buy +R DL so you can set the booktype to -ROM and for generally it depends on what your player likes most important point to use good media it doesn’t matter if +R or -R for single layer personally i prefer +R SL and also +R DL media.


And with most burners/firmwares the booktype is set AUTOmatically to DVD-ROM on +DL media.