Copied SD-2 works on my system only


I’ve been using CloneCD for quite a while now, and have already done successful copies of SD-1 and SD-2 copies (All ‘the sims’ until hot date), but I am having problems with this one.

My burner is a “Correct EFM”, it’s a LG GCE-8400 with updated 1.03 firmware.

I am trying to backup The Sims Vacation wich is a SD-2.

After the backup is done, it runs OK in my system, i.e, it works in my cd-rom, dvd-rom and also on the burner, but when I move the disc to another computer the copy doesn’t work, i.e. the autorun feat locks up the system, even manually starting ‘setup.exe’ will crash.

I can’t understand what’s going on, can anyone help?

ps.: I am not using ‘hide cdr’ feature.

On your other system do the original discs work? What kind of reader are you using there? It can be that the disc isn’t read properly due to low quality media or a picky reader. I don’t think it has anything to do with the used copy-protection since autorun doesn’t check this. Only when the game is started, the protection is checked (when the splash screen comes up).

Hi GameFreak, thanks for ur reply,

The original disks work on every systems here.

Only my system has a cd-rom (LG 52x), DVD-rom and Burner, the others have only a cd-rom (LG 52x) the same as mine with the same HW firmware rev.

Now about the ‘autorun’, ok, I just mentioned it as an example, I mean, the other system locks up even if I manually go the setup directory and hit i.e. ‘setup.exe’.

But it’s very strange my computer is able to read it.:frowning: :confused:

If your computer is able to read it then the copy is good since you’re using the same drive model as you have in your other computer right? The problem must be with the other drive. Maybe its laser is dirty or something. Autorun or setup.exe shouldn’t crash the system. Does an error message pop-up and if so what does it say?