Copied Pc Game

Total newbie with probably a really stupid question.

i bought tiger woods 08 game from e-bay.
Got it ,it is a copy :a

here is a list of the instructions that came with it…

download win rar
insert disk open the “rar file”
EXTRACT ALL FILES using wizard at the top
d/click autorun exe
when asked for serial go into hatred folder and open keygen
then right click and copy the 08exe file in the hatred folder
go into my comp/programme files +open ea folder
open bin file right click and replace the 08 exe file
double click on green driver(game starts)

After i open the disc up i cant find the 08 exe file and autorun exe doesnt seem to be their or am i missing somthing somewhere else on my pc.

every time i email the bloke he just sends those details as a reply and says easy.

Cant get my head round it is there an easier way to open and play the game.

any help would be appreciated even if only ideas of what to do to decorate a useless cd.


Sorry, you have been screwed.
THis is an illegal copy and you won’t get help with it here, it is against forum rules.

Either claim your money back or report the offender to the proper authorities…