Copied games

i am having trouble with a couple of games that i backed up using nero, the originals are too scratched to use so i am having to use the backups. Evil genius installed easily but refuses to run off the copied game and XIII just freezes about 10 secs into the game. Can anyone help find a solution to my gaming woes? Please?!

Hi, it’s not wise to have your email address on the forums (spam etc.), i’d delete it when you still have time, someone will be here to help you.

Hi Mac83 welcome to the forum, yes it’s a very common problem you are having and the last thing you want to do is backing up games with Nero, the backups won’t work because Nero is not for backing up game. There has been a few people with the same problems as yours and if you look in the Newbe Forum and go back a few weeks you will find a Thread with the solution to your problem. :iagree: