Copied games don't run

I have tried to copy some of my games to back them up (Command and Conquer, Generals and Medal of Honour, Allied Assault, Spearhead, Breakthrough expansion packs) using Games X Copy. The games seeem to install OK but when you try to play them my computer keeeps asking for the correct disk to be installed. Is there a way of copying my games so as I can keep the originals in a safe place.

Also something which is probably quite simple and I don’t want to bother too many people with something so trivial but I formatted and reinstalled windows XP on the weekend and ever since doing this my keyboard has the @ and " swapped over. The " should be (shift 2) but @ is there and vice versa. I have looked in the keyboard properties and can’t find anything. can anyone help? Thanks

I have found the answer to the keyboard issue. I have a UK keyboard and the setting can be changed in Control Panel, Region and Language settings,Languages Tab Details.

I still can’t get the copied games to run though. What is the best program to use to copy games?

games x copy is similar to gamejack , and both are crap. try alcohol 120 %. you have not mentioned your make/model of cd/dvd drive either

I have a LG GSA 4040B DVD RAM/RW+/RW- drive. I will try alcohol 120% over the wekend and se how it goes.


Alcohol 120%, especially in case of games. I warmly recommend this wonderful software.

What you copy, will work. I suggest, just to get some experience with the software, visiting the Recording Software Forum.

Good luck.