Copied DVDs won't work in car DVD player

I’m not the most technologically inclined person, but I love using Clone DVD 2 (and even Clone DVD Mobile). Part of the reason we copy our movies is so that we can take our copies in the car for the kids and not worry about getting them beat up. However, my copies are not able to be played in the car. Am I doing something wrong? I use the middle option (Clone DVD) on the beginning screen and the DVD writer option on the last screen. The movies work in our computers and on our home DVD players, but not in the car’s built-in DVD player. Can someone help? Thank you!!!

What kinda media are you using and what speed did you burn at. Also did you booktype your media to DVD-ROM? What kinda burner are you using?? What kinda software are you using to burn the dvd?

Booktype your media to DVD-ROM and you will have no problems.

hey there kelleymiller, welcome to the forum!

You just never know what might play or not play in car dvd players. Mine for instance will only play dvd-r disks. A friend of mines’ player will play dvd+r or dvd-rom, but not dvd-r. Players can be very fickle. You might want to try burning different media, at a reasonable speed (not too fast), but most importantly, use GOOD media. Such as TY or Verbatim.

Hope this helps…let us know how it goes!