Copied DVDs Wont play on laptop



Firstly hello to everybody and I hope you can help me out.

I have burned some dvds on my LG DVD copier and tried to play them on my Acer Aspire laptop,but it wont play them.

It plays others but not these specifically.The DVDs play on my sons Fujitsu Siemens laptop but not mine.
Have tried them on VLC Media player but it still doesnt work.
The DVDs are not recognised and just spin in the DVD drive and nothing happens.
The copied DVDs are DVD-RW Maxell 1x
Could it be a codec problem?

Thanks in advance.



please try some -r media instead of the -rw.

what programs are you using?

please post exact models of drives you are using. what drive you are burning with and what drives are you using to read?

example one of my burners is a Lite-on DVDRW SHM-165P6S

thanks troy


LG DR275 and Acer Aspire 7001WSMI


my intentions were to figure out the reading specifications of your laptop drive. seems i could not find information on the Acer Aspirer 7001.

if you could please download and install VSO Inspector.

insert one of the non playing dvds into your laptop drive. open vso inspector and click on the save report button. then copy and paste the information into a reply post.

this will tell us information on the drive and the disc.

thanks troy


Dont know what you mean,but it says no media inserted.


Who’s lappy is older…your sons or yours? We kind of need to brand and model of the drives that are in both lappys. I’m [B]guessing[/B] yours is newer and the drive won’t recognize those old DVD-RW Maxell 1x.

Here is info on your LG player >


Yes mine is about 6 months to a year newer.


have you installed VSO inspector yet?

please we need to know what drives and media you are using.

please refer to post #4 above.


My drive is a philips DVD-RAM SDVD8821
My Disc is a Maxell DVD-RW 1x
My DVD Copier is a LG DR275

I cannot copy and paste all the details using the VSO identifier


Well use VSO Inspector and when you open that up it will tell you what it will and will not do to + or - media. Does it say it will read or write to dvd-rw media?


Yes it has a tick in the boxes, DVD-RW,DVD-ROM,DVD+RW,CD-R,CD-RW,DVD-R,DVD-RAM,DVD+R,video CD,Multisession.

Hope this helps


It can also write these media types too.


Just something to try, go into " device manager" and set the drive for PIO only and see if it will see your disks.


What is PIO and how do I enable it?
I need guidance just from opening device manager.


Is it the one in the IDE ATA/ATAPI? Because I tried this and it didnt work.