Copied DVDs dont work in DVD player

I use Nero Recode and AnyDVD and copied movies work on my Samsung DVD-M101 but not on either my Apex or my Audiovox DVD players. I have compaired the disc info by using the AnyDVD disc info option and the only difference is it sais there is a structure error on my copied discs, though I’m not sure if this is the problem or not. I have also tried using CloneDVD + AnyDVD and I get the same thing. When I put the DVDs into my other DVD players it sais they are "Invalid Disc"s. Does anyone know what I should do?

What media do you use (brand, code)?

I use Matrix DVD+R 4x DVDs, here is a link to them if u want to see for yourself:
My burner is AOpen DUW1608 if that helps any

Since u mentioned it, there are 2 DVDs that do work on my other DVD players, when I bought my burner I got a 10-pack of 4x DVD-Rs and although 8 of the 10 failed durring burn, the 2 that were sucessfull work. I forgot about that since all the CDs/DVDs I buy are silver topped with absolutely no markings… I hate stuff like that… and I had to look closely at the inner track to see they were different discs.

Matrix DVD+R 4X LM040608 B-13

First make sure your Apex and Audiovox players are capable of playing DVD+ disks.
Not all players can play this media, your owners manual should dercribe the media it is compatable with. Most players wil play DVD-.

Next buy some quality media and not the stuff your using.
Quality media suchs as Taiyo Yuden, Maxell, Verbatim, avoid Memorex.

Thanx for the advice :bigsmile: