Copied DVD's come out Pixelated

The movies i copy on dvd shrink play fine on my computer, when i burn them onto disc they start doing wierd stuff like crashing, pixelating, sound distortion etc etc etc, is there a problem with my software, hardware, BOTH?
any advice would be much swollowed


what hardware do you have (esp. burner)?
try differnet brand of media (high quality) and lower burn speed.

i have a msi dvd writer and an atapi cd rom

oh sorry
and ive tryed burning at 4x, 2x and 1x and they still come out all funky and stuff

Bad media.

Absolutely. Use Nero’s CD-DVD Speed to identify the media ID & post back the answer.

What do you mean by bad media ? Is it bad CD / DVD or the media player is bad ?

I have had the same problem , even when I write to VCD I get lot of pixellation.I ahve tried Sony CDs and even Moser Baer and it doesnt work.

When I use WMP to run the video on CD it simply exits after one second.But a share ware by name MPlayer plays the full song with pixellation.

Can you help ?

Not only bad media (too fast burnt etc too), but also clean the drives.

What do you mean by clean the drives :a I was brought to believe there was no physical contact between drive and CD and thats what was unique to CD technology (and blah blah blah) and that was why CDs are better than analog tapes…etc etc etc…

No you shock me by saying clean the drives !!!

And how do I clean the drives ? Turpentine ? :eek:

Forget about cleaning the drives for now.

To help anyone we need to know the specifics of the burner & media used.

For the DVD media you use , do as I’ve suggested previously & post the Media ID obtained from CD-DVD Speed. This app will also give model & firmware details of your burner as we are rather in the dark here.
Similar details of the CD-R media can also be obtained although not as useful as the media ID for DVD media.

Typically this sort of problem is caused by poor quality burns which is , generally, down to the burner or the media, which is why we need this detail.

BTW Sony CD-R media are not the best. For CD-R I only buy Verbatim Pastels or Super AZO.

Oh I am sorry TimC , I felt my questions were juvenile and therefore …

In a forum of advanced users , i didnt want to ask silly questions.

and let me make it clear , I am not burning DVDs but only CD-R.

I am burning MPEG-1 files captured by Pinnacle TV Tuner Card into CD-R media using a
SAMSUNG CD-writer.

Ok, here goes:

Original Poster: Get some better media and get back to us.

HariKariMan: VCD sucks. It is, by its nature, rather pixellated. Nothing to be done for it, really, other than using a better encoder which will give you slightly better results. Or encode to SVCD.

Does encoding to SVCD remove pixellation ?

Not in your case. You either should burn slower, use better media and get a better standalone.

The following is the specification after running cd-speed2000

Disc Info

TYPE : Data CD

ID : -

Date : 16 Nov 2005

Label : The Crusades


Speed Maximum

Read test

Surface Scan

Good : 100%


Progress 100.0%

Position 27:06.11

Speed 27.53 X

I had recorded the program on crusades using Pinnacle TV Tuner card and burnt into into a moser baer disc using a samsung cd writer.It was an MPEG-2 file and I burned it at 52 x , max speed , the default chosen by Nero Smart.

Its a battle scene , and I am a military buff who has records of all medieval and modern battle scenes.

Mind the graph was fully green , no red or orange blocks !!!

What do you mean by a better standalone ? A better PC ?

I thought you were using an standalone also. Forget about it.

Make a quality scan with your media.

How do I make a quality scan with my disk ?

and why is there nothing corresponding to ID in the following results after running CDspeed2000

Disc Info

TYPE : Data CD

ID : -

Date : 16 Nov 2005

Label : The Crusades