Copied DVD Works in CPU not Home Theatre DVD Player

Whats up yall? Sort of a nub to these forums, but a tech. guy at heart.

Here is my situation. I’m trying to make coughbackupscough of my DVD collection.

I’m using AnyDVD ( w/ Sonic RecordNow copying software (standard dell bullsh**). I’ve got a Philips DVD +/- R/RW model DVD8631 burner.

I burned a copy of the movie Waiting. Took about 2 hours using Sonic RecordNow. Popped the burned copy into my regular dvd-rom drive on my computer. Works fine, plays perfectly, no flickers, awesome copy. I go to pop it into my Samsung DVD player out in the living room and I get a “No File” error message. Damn. I try it in my cheapo Insignia DVD player in my room. “No Disc”

Try it again in the computer, it works fine.

I’m using Memorex DVD-R 16x media.

Any insights?

I would try different media - Memorex can vary in quality, as they use a lot of different manufacturers.


What kind of media do you suggest?

On this board everyone (including me) will agree on TY-manufactured media (Plextor-branded, or unbranded if you buy online) and Verbatim branded media (except the Pearl-White models). There a other good media, I personally love the TDK 8X +R (mediacode: MBIPG101 R04), but they’re less ‘consensual’.

This said, at what speed do you burn the Memorex? And is your firmware recent? :wink:

kronusthebonus, you can also visit to check your standalones compatibility.

BTW, my 5y old Samsung plays all crap cheapo discs no other of my standalones or PS2 can hanle.

A firmware upgrade or crossflash to the corresponding BenQ model might be necessary. Memorex 16x -R media is either CMC MAG. AM3 or RITEKF1, neither of which were likely well supported until more recent firmware revisions.

As some-one once said to me when I complained about a burned DVD not playing, ‘Just cos it works in a computer, don’t expect it to work in another device, after all, Sims2 works on my PC but nowhere else!’

(Yeah, load of patronising bollox, I know).

I’d suggest booktyping your discs to make them DVD-ROMs, they should then work in almost all DVD players.

You will firstly need to know whether your burner supports booktyping.

Secondly, you will need either DVD Decrypter or Nero to use to burn the discs.

Lastly, you need to purchase DVD+R discs to do it.

If you do it that way, I can as good as guarantee that it will be a success.

Good Luck.

Ditto! Book type ROM are the key words! Nero can set that! Let me check Sonic real quick!

Do not see any book type settings in SONIC! Try a trial version of Nero 6.

Exactly what Francksoy said (including his TDK MBIPG101 R04 suggestion!). I was logged off by the time you asked. :slight_smile: