Copied dvd won't play. "wrong disk"



A friend copied a movie for me and I cannot seem to get it to play on my DVD player. It always says “wrong disk” when I load it.

I don’t now what type of software he was using to make it. I’m hoping this is just a simple problem. Maybe I have the setting on the dvd player wrong?

Thanks for any help.


A friend made you a copy of a movie which you owned, or he made you a copy of one of his movies?


A movie that I own. Is that okay? I thought it was alright as long as I already have the movie.


Then you should use the original. :smiley:


If you wish to make a back-up copy of your original disc, I suggest that you do it yourself. Plenty of ways to do so and you’ll get any help you need on this forum.



In addition to the comments above - maybe you should use -R DVD media = more compatibility with older DVD players-eh!