Copied DVD quality degrades



Can anyone help me, I am new to DVD burning.

I have copied DVD’s with DVD decrypter and DVD shrink at a write speed of 4X and 2X on SKC disc’s. These copies on DVD-R work perfectly on my computer. When I play them on the DVD player they play well the first time but when I play them again they get squareness and the picture hickups, this seems to get worse each time I play it, but it still plays well on the computer. Is this because of the disc, the write speed or the DVD player. I have cleaned the dvd player.

Help don’t know what to try next.


JUNK media. You should spend a little more $ for Made in Japan media. Go to Target and look for MADE IN JAPAN Sony media. Don’t buy MADE in Taiwan Sony.


Thanks furballi

I will try that next.