Copied DVD Not Playing

Hello! I’m new here, and have been using Elby Clone DVD2, with Slysoft Any DVD. I have been copying DVD’s, but they will not play on my Panasonic DVD player. They will play on my PC. Only one movie “Mary Poppins” will play on my Panasonic DVD player. The player attempts to “Read” the other burned DVD, then stops. The DVD’s that I use are compatable with the Panasonic plater. Are there any settings I should be using?

Mark R.

What you mean with compatible with your player the format +R or -R, or the media brand?

What model of burner do you have and what type of media are you using.
Even if you buy “Brand Media” it is usually made by another manufacturer.
My current DVD+Rs are by Fuji, but they are really Ritek03 disks. My Phillips disks turned out to be CMC Magnetics disks. Nero CD/DVD Speed will identify the manufacturer of the disks you are using.
Check out the hardware forum for you particular burner. Check to see if it just needs newer firmware. Also check out your player in the hardware forum to see what disks work best. :bigsmile:

Check your model of dvd player here.

DVD Player VCD,SVCD,CD-R/W,DVD±R/W Compatibility list

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