Copied DVD files to harddrive - now what?



Very new at this…I have managed to copy a DVD to my harddrive with DVD Decrypter. According to what little instruction I could find, the next step in burning it to a DVD-R, is to select MODE - ISO - WRITE. All good. But when I browse for my files, I can get as far as the folder that was created to house the zillion files, but I can’t “open” anything to burn. I changed the Files of Type to read “all files” from “all supported files” and that just brings up a list of all the files in the folder. How do I get everything onto the DVD-R?



yeah… you select the folder to burn, not the individual file :wink:


Thanks for the quick response. I thought that was what I should do as well, yet when I browse to the file folder, and select OPEN, nothing happens; it just sits there…should I be using NERO to do this burning bit instead of using the DVD Decrypter?


use nero express -go to burn image to disk then close next window and then select dvd video files then add -find files on hard drive then add ( video) then add video _vts then finished and burn dvd.


Thank you! I’ll do that.