Copied DVD doesn't plays on a DVD Player

Hi Everyone:

I had copied a DVD from its Origianl CD using NERO EXPRESS 7. (It is a cartoon for kids) The burning done successfully. Now, the problem is: the copied DVD’s are working fine in my pc or any other pc with a DVD player but when I play it on a DVD player, (not in PC) it shows only loading …, and it does not plays but the orginal CD plays on this DVD Player without any problem. I used copy DVD option in Nero Express. Is there a solution for this? Do I have to make any changes in setting of Nero Express to run the copied DVD in a a DVD Player? :confused:

Thanks … and any help highly appreciated.



It might be that the DVD was not set as a DVD-ROM and your player will not read it. Check the DVD in NeroBurning ROM and see if it shows it as a DVD-ROM or what. The possibility would be greater if the set top player was a little older.

Is it a + or - disc. Some players will only play 1 or the other. Also a friend had the same prob (wouldn’t get past loading) so I told him to clean his dvd player. So he did and then tried again and viola it worked