Copied disk won't play

Just as a trial, I used AnyDVD to copy Saving Private Ryan to my hard drive.

I then used DVD Shrink and Nero to burn the copy using my Sony DRU-510. Long process, but it worked. The copied disk plays perfectly in my Sony-510 as well as my Sony DVD player attached to my home theater setup, but will not play in the DVD player on my Dell Inspiron(from which the copy was made to the hard disk). It is set to Region 1, which is correct. The DVD player in the Dell is listed as: HL-DT-ST GDR 8081N in device manager, whatever that means.

This is a non-critical problem, but is intellectually annoying. Does anyone have a clue what is going on?



I made a mistake. The Copy was made on a Sony DRU-710, not a 510…



Well it would seem that the burn was perfect - it could be that your Dell DVD ROM does not like the media that you are using. What media did you make the burn on?

A Comp-USA DVD-RW. It is listed as being manufactured by Princo using the Nero CD-DVD speed utility. I know it is low quality media, but didn’t know it would make a difference(for trial purposes) if it played perfectly on 2 out of 3 players.


@ Jay S,

Saying you are using Comp-USA DVD-RW media does not fully describe the actual DVD Media you are using. Most DVD Media Retailers do not actually manufacture the DVD media that they market but purchase the DVD Media from DVD Media manufactures and place in their Brand Name Boxes. Some times the Name Brand Retailers market reliable DVD Media sometimes they don’t. To accurately describe your DVD media you need to provide the Manufacture ID and Media Code (Example- RitekG05). You can obtain the Manufacture ID and Media Code by using DVDInfo Pro ( or similar software utility. Request that you provide the actual Manufacture ID and Media Code of the DVD media you are experiencing your current problem with.

If you believe that the DVD media is low quality media why continue to use it. The use of low quality inferior DVD media causes exactly the problem that you are reporting (failure to play on some DVD playback devices). If you are learning to prefect your DVD back up procedure you need to acquire known quality DVD media that produces error free results. Using known low quality inferior DVD media only adds to the confusion factor.

Your are taking a long draw out process to make a back up copy of a DVD title. There are a lot easer/quicker/simpler ways to make a back up copy of a DVD title. If you are unaware DVDShrink is a dead unsupported software program that has not been updated in over a year. Suggest visiting SlySoft ( and downloading the latest versions of AnyDVD-CloneDVD. This software combination is a proven software package that is quick/simple to use and produces excellent results. In this day and age of ever increasing technology it is necessary to use the most up to date software available to back up DVD titles. AnyDVD-CloneDVD are routinely updated and improved to meet the new challenges that the DVD manufactures incorporate in the new DVD titles. The below link is for a tutorial that provides detailed information on how to use the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software combination.

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