Copied CDs do not play on cd players

I need to be able to copy cds (my own) and have them play on cd players.
In the past I have used Windows Media to make the copies with no problems
However recent cd copies I have made play only on a computer, not on a cd
player. I have tried windows media and also alcohol 120% with no success.
I have searched for help and received advice such as

  • burn at a slower speed

  • make sure you are burning an audio cd, not a data cd
    both of which I tried with no success

  • Be sure to finalize or close the disk
    In the past I believe there was an option on Windows media to finalize but now it does not seem to be there.
    In Alcohol 120% the option to NOT finalize is NOT checked so I guess it should finalize the disk. However the cd I made would not play on a cd player

Another piece of advice was to buy better cds. Would this help? If so what exactly is a “better cd”? How much does it have to cost? How do you know its “better”?

Do you have any other advice as to what might be happening?
Thanks in advance

Better use free BURRRN app and burn slowly (max 24x).