Copied CD's are empty?!

Since a few weeks I have some troubles with copying CD’s

I use clonecd en cdrwin 3.8. If I use one of these programms to burn a CD, the explorer shows afterwards no files and directories of the burned CD, like it is empty.

I can see at the burned side on the CD that the burner actually has written data on the CD, but it looks like no table of contents is written to the CD.
The size of the burned image is correctly showed by the explorer.

If I make a cuesheet with CDRwin and burn it, all goes well. So I can back-up files, but copying a CD gives the trouble. All CD’s I tried to copy aren’t copy protected.

Does somebody know what I can do now. Is it my CD burner that gives the trouble (HP 9100i), my burnprogramms, the firmware or something else maybe???

  • I turned DMA off (my burner doesn’t support it)
  • Other CD-ROM players give the same ionformation about the burned CD’s


Erik Ju

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