Copied cd playback problem

Hi, everyone
I tried to make copies of few audio cds that i have for my friend. All of them came out ok , except for the last seconds of the last tracks, that would keep on playing over and over again. The copied cds won’t revert to the beginning.
I’m using Samsung SE-S184 (external) and Nero Express.
Thank you all.

Welcome to cdfreaks.
What media did you use for the copies and what speed did you burn them at.
For best result burn at a maximum speed of x24 and use good quality media.

Thanks , weedougie
i used maxell cds ( good quality media?) at max speed, so it could be the problem, but i burnt 3 cds, and all of would do the same thing at the end of their last tracks. Can it be a copy protection??

Try ripping the tracks to wav format with Cdex or EAC and burn a CD from the ripped tracks.

Thank you , TimC
I’ve never used EAC, but I’ll try it. Generally speaking, is it a soft- or hardware problem?