Copied CD can't be detected in drive

I’m trying to get CloneCd to copy some of my games so that my kids can load the CDs themselves (I don’t trust the original CD to their hands!)

I happen to have CloneCd
My burner is Creative Labs 10-12-32 (A Plextor clone, and on the OK list)
My computer thinks that it is in Canada
DMA is enabled for both optical drives - Liteon CD-rom
and Creative Labs burner
I read and burn cd-s in burner

Two games that I’m starting with are Midtown Madness and SimCity3000 Unlimited, both, per Cloney - and me looking at the root of the CD, just have Safedisk protection. (Also have Combat flight sims, MS Plus gamepack, Pandora’s box and just a few othe older games, most or all Safedisk v.1 games to copy).

I have been all over GamecopyWorld, and GameBurnWorld and now here, cdfreaks. Can’t seem to find instructions that work.

(1)Tried the settings per Clony, didn’t work.
Creat image: Dao Raw, Max speed, fast error skip
Burn: max speed, Dao Raw, Close last session, buffer underrun.

(2)Tried these instructions from Game copy world:
Create Image: Used Burner to read:
Read speed 1x
Read SubChannel Data from Data tracks
Read SubChannel Data from Audio tracks
Select Fast Error Skip
Set Read retry for 5
Unselect Don’t report bad sectors
Unselect Intelligent Bad Sector Scanner
Burn image:
Don’t repair Sub Channel Data
Selected Buffer underrun/burn proof
Close last session

The problem is for All my tries - used several brands of CD-Rs, sony, pny, imation, several others, When I insert the finished CD, it can not be read by either burner or CD rom. It says no CD is inserted. It can’t read anything. Can’t explore the CD root: says no CD is inserted.

Any ideas? All of the kid’s games I need to back up all have Safedisk, thing version 1, not v.2 (my games aren’t that new!).

Spend most of today looking all over this site, learned a lot, but not anything that specifically addresses producting a cd that can’t even be detected.

Any help is appreciated.